Detached Houses Movement In Vancouver Westside in October 2021

Houses in Vancouver West sold at an average price of $3.2M in October 2021 across 108 transactions, up from 83 in September. The selling ratio was a balanced 17%, while days on market dramatically reduced from 26 in September to 15 in October. The remaining months in 2021 will be interesting to observe, with all sorts of regulation & rate changes being discussed.

Highest & Lowest Absorption Rates Vancouver Houses

The most popular price bands were in a relatively modest price category, while the number of luxury listings added was much higher. The more accessible price points were snapped up quickly in October: 

  1. Vancouver homes priced $1.5m to $2.5m moved at 82% (23/28)
  2. Vancouver homes priced $2.5m to $3.5m moved at 37% (40/109)
  3. Vancouver homes priced $3.5m to $7.5m moved at 13% (45/359)
  4. Vancouver homes priced $7.5m and up moved at 3% (5/144)

The gradual increase in supply in higher price bands, as well as the inverting (decreasing) sales number is notable. How will this inventory of ultra luxury homes disperse in the next few months? Time will tell. 

Slower Activity When Comparing To East Vancouver House Sales

East Vancouver’s sales ratio of detached homes was double (34%) of Vancouver Westside’s, while the average sale price was $1.85M (just more than half), for comparison.

Fast Moving Vancouver Hoods, and Slower Ones

Detached houses in some neighbourhoods outsold other areas by a significant margin, while some areas had very little, or no activity. 

  1. Kitsilano, Vancouver houses moved at 54%
  2. Mount Pleasant, Vancouver houses moved at 40% 
  3. Kerrisdale, Vancouver houses moved at 31%
  4. Mackenzie Heights had 25 new listings with 2 sales for 8%
  5. Southlands had 36 new listings with 2 sales for 6%
  6. Fairview & False Creek registered 0 detached home sales!

Want to see which Vancouver houses sold, and for how much, in October?

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