The Cambie Corridor (SW Marine to Olympic Village/False Creek) Real Estate Movement in October 2021

The Cambie Corridor (SW Marine to Olympic Village/False Creek) Real Estate Movement in October 2021

The Cambie Corridor, in case you didn’t know, refers to the neighbourhoods that run along the Canada Line Skytrain which runs from YVR to Downtown Vancouver – Marpole, South Cambie, Oakridge, Cambie, Fairview, False Creek & Olympic Village (from South to North).

How Fast Did Houses Move Along Cambie Corridor?

Detached house sales in Vancouver were slower than that of condos & townhomes in October 2021. As far as detached houses go, Marpole, South Cambie showed higher movement while False Creek, Fairview & Olympic Village had none. Keep in mind that Fairview, False Creek & Olympic Village are almost all condos/townhomes in its constitution and barely have any houses built, let alone on the market.

  1. South Cambie had a 25% sales ratio but with just 3 selling while adding 12 new listings. 
  2. Marpole saw a sales ratio of 15% with 6 sales and 41 new listings. 
  3. Oakridge trailed at 11% with only 2 sales and 19 new listings. 
  4. Cambie had 10% sales ratio with 6 sales and a whopping 62 new listings. 
  5. False Creek had 1 new house listed with no sales at all. 

The Southern half of the Cambie Corridor (Marpole, South Cambie & Oakridge in Vancouver) had a combined 72 new homes listed in this period while Cambie alone (near Queen Elizabeth Park) saw 62 new homes listed in the same period.

As of the time of writing, there are less than 20 houses listed in Oakridge (Vancouver) and 12 of them are $5 million or higher. Many houses along this corridor are being snapped up to be re-developed into multi-residential units, hence the relatively high prices. South Cambie (Vancouver) shows a similar spectrum with less than 15 houses listed. Marpole however shows 40 homes for sale with 8 of them asking $5 million and up. Some of the listings currently listed as a “House” are already rezoned for multi-residential developments. 

Considering A Real Estate Move Along Cambie Corridor?

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