A picture is worth a thousand words. Professional photography and custom video tours and aerial drone footage will be provided where authorized.


Knowing that my Seller's have invested their time, effort and hard earned money into making their home beautiful, it is my duty to market its best features in a most attractive manner. Brixwork custom listing brochures are magazine quality containing photos, floor plans and detailed information that leave a positive lasting impression with prosective Buyers.


Accurate measurements and floor plans are mandatory when marketing your property to today's sophisticated environment. All of my listings are professionally measured by well-known and trusted experts in the Industry.


Staged Homes Sell Quickly And For More Money

A staged home:

  • Helps the prospective buyer imagine a move-in ready home and the possibilities of a space
  • Stands out amongst your competitors - staged homes spend less time on the market
  • Provides impactful photos which will not only attract buyers online for information, but also to the front door
  • Activates more buyer interest, more offers and a higher price

Sellers whose listings have been on the market already for months with no buyer leads can testify that many factors play a role in the final sale. The home has to be researched and priced right. It also needs a great marketing strategy and the home has to entice buyer demands. Staging is a critical component of this process.



In an era where 90% of home searches happen through the Internet, a prominent web presence is very critical to success. Brixwork websites are user-friendly while providing detailed information for Seller's properties as well as providing Buyer's with detailed and accurate information about homes they may be interested in purchasing.


Ken Stef and his Team feel priveledged to offer our clients the very best in Conceirge Services. Vancouver is rated as one of the best cities in the World in which to live, so we welcome you whether from abroad or locally to take advantage of what we can offer to make your stay here the very best.


Ken Stef and his Team utilizes the Brixwork professional marketing team that specializes in web and print media production focussed on real estate with best-in-class marketing materials.


 Your property has many values: one to the tax assessment office, one to your mortgage underwriter, and yet one to you. It also has different values to prospective buyers depending on their needs, desires and financial resources. In the end, what detemines the price of your property is the market.

The Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Report is a roadmap to the correct listing price for your property - the price that will create competition amongst a pool of qualified buyers, and attract a strong offer (or multiple offers) within a relatively short period of time.

Whether you’re thinking of selling your house within the next year or are merely curious about what your property’s current value is today, or for any other reason it’s important that you obtain accurate information.

When you make such a request from Ken Stef you’ll receive a custom-prepared Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that indicates what today’s buyers are willing to pay for a house like yours in your area.


Accurate and timely information is absolutely critical for buyers and sellers of vancouver real estate to have in order to make the best decisions.